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Planning & Noise | Somerset

Noise Survey | Noise Impact Assessment |Noise Assessment | Acoustic Survey

When an application goes through planning, there is often a requirement to consider noise impact. Usually, there are noise related conditions that require discharging before the application can proceed.


Impact acoustics have a wealth of knowledge and experience to undertake the required noise survey \ acoustic assesssment \ noise impact assessment in someset in order to deal with any noise related issue.


All of the acoustic surveys and noise tests undertaken by impact acoustics are in line with the correct standards and regulations as requested by the local authority in Somerset.


Impact Acoustics can help guide you through the process in order to discharge any planning condition relating to noise and suggest ways if neccessary to control noise.


All of the findings and reccomendations are given in a concise low cost noise report. 


Typical noise surveys / acoustic tests / noise measurements include:


Industrial noise assessment BS4142 in somerset

Noise from road traffic in Somerset

Noise from railways in Somerset

Noise Impact Assessment in Somerset

Noise Survey in Somerset

Acoustic Survey in Somerset

Acoustic Report in Somerset


Whether your noise related project is based in Bath, weston-super-mare, Taunton, Yeovil, Bridgewater, Cheddar or any other location within Somerset; we are happy to help.

To find out more or recieve a quotation please contact Impact Acoustics.


Our services relating to planning in Somerset include:


Assessment of construction and layouts


liason with LA in Somersert

reccomendation of noise control in somerset

calculation and prediction of noise in somerset

Detailed noise measurements in somerset


Areas Covered: Bath, Weston-super-mare, Taunton, Yeovil, Bridgewater, Cheddar, Wells and all others throughout Somerset



Acoustic Survey Weston-super-mare |Noise ImpactAssessment Weston-super-mare|Sound test Yeovil |Noise Survey Bridgewater||Acoustic Assessment Bridport |Planning support Noise SurveyBridgewater|Sound test Taunton |Noise Survey Yeovil||Acoustic Assessment Yeovil|Acoustic Assessment Weston-super-mare||Planning support Noise SurveyTaunton|Acoustic Survey Bath|Planning Assessment Bath|Sound test Bath | Noise Survey Weston-super-mare |PlanningAssessment Bridgewater|Sound test Bridgewater |Planning support Noise Survey Weston-super-mare|
Acoustic Survey Yeovil|Planning AssessmentYeovil|Noise Impact Assessment Bridgewater|Acoustic Assessment Bath|Planning support Noise SurveyBath|Noise Impact Assessment Bath |Noise Assessment Bath |Noise test Bath|Planning AssessmentWeston-super-mare|Sound test Weston-super-mare|Noise Survey Taunton |Acoustic Assessment Taunton |Noise Assessment Weston-super-mare|Noise test Weston-super-mare |Noise Impact Assessment Taunton |Noise Assessment Taunton|Noise test Taunton|Acoustic Survey Taunton|Planning Assessment taunton |Noise Assessment Bridgewater|Noise test Bridgewater|Acoustic Survey Bridgewater|Planning support Noise Survey Yeovil|Noise Impact Assessment Yeovil|NoiseAssessment Yeovil|Noise test Yeovil|Noise Survey Bath| |