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Many residential or mixed use developments require a noise assessment to support the planning application. This ensures that adequate protection is provided for future residents by minimising noise impacts. Advice is provided in Planning Policy Guidance, however, this has recently been replaced by the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF), although some Local Authorities still use the guidance within or based on BS8233 noise assessment and BS4142 assessment and local authority noise policys.

Impact Acoustics and the local authority will liaise together in order to provide specific guidance on the assessment of noise on sites proposed for
residential development.

Noise impact assessments/ noise surveys/ noise tests are normally requested by a Planning Officer or by the Local Authority due to concerns relating to construction of new residential dwellings (or change of use) in a high noise exposure area. New dwellings can be exposed to road traffic, rail, air or mechanical/commercial noise which is unacceptable.

Impact Acoustics can guide you through the activities required to discharge such conditions which for residential development normally require demonstrating compliance with noise limits or mitigation measures including acoustical performance specifications for building elements including glazing.

Once planning permission has been gained for a scheme or project; it is common for noise related planning conditions to be attached which require discharge prior to works commencing on-site.

All acoustic assessments or noise surveys include outline recommendations for glazing and ventilation to meet reasonable standards of internal noise, guided by BS 8233 and/or World Health Organisation guidelines, to meet the planning conditions.

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With extensive experience of acoustic and noise impact assessments / noise surveys at the development planning stage, the services that we offer include:

Full Assessment of the site layout and also the internal layout design of construction

Full detailed baseline noise measurements taken on site in order to fully establish the noise exposure and impact

Detailed calculation of the internal noise levels in order to correctly specify appropriate glazing and ventilation

Detailed Liason with Local Authority in order to establish the noise criteria for the assessment 

Recommendation of mitigation measures in order to discharge any noise related conditions