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Existing or proposed industrial developments can  have a significant noise impact on surrounding residential areas and a noise impact assessment or and industrial noise survey is normally required, either at the planning stage, or as a result of noise complaints. From small commercial air handling plants through to major international coal or gas fired power plants, Impact Acoustics have broad experience in the assessment of noise and vibration for the industrial, commercial and utilities sectors

BS4142:2014 Noise impact assessments / noise survey / noise tests are normally requested by a Planning Officer or E.H.O (Environmental Health Officer) due to concerns of increased noise from proposed mechanical noise e.g. Fans, Air Conditioning Systems, Generators etc. applied for in a planning application to the local authority (Council). Impact Acoustics is experienced in liaising with the relevant planning or environmental control authority to ensure that your development has the smoothest possible path to completion.

Impact Acoustics can offer a fully integrated service of noise measurement, mitigation and management for industrial and mineral extraction sites. This service is used typically as part of a wider Environmental Impact Assessment.

Commercial developments which can include offices, retail, sports/leisure and distribution operations can have very different acoustical requirements. Where commercial activities are planned adjacent to noise sensitive receivers, appropriate mitigation measures need to be incorporated from the outset. Where commercial development is planned in an already noisy area, appropriate measures may need to be required to ensure that the acoustical climate required for the functioning of the development is achieved.

How much do BS4142 noise impact assessments cost?

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With experience of both small industrial and commercial premises, to large power station developments, both in the UK and overseas, Impact Acoustics are able to provide the following services:

Baseline noise and vibration studies

Measurement or calculation of industrial noise impacts

Assessment of noise impacts in accordance with BS 4142

Assessment to meet requirements of IPPC regulations

Recommendation of mitigation measures to reduce noise impacts

detailed design of bespoke mitigation

determination of site noise limits

occupational noise and vibration

commissioning tests

Provision of standalone report or input into an Environmental Statement