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Noise at Work Assessment | Hampshire

Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005 | Factory Noise | Occupational Noise

An employer is  required by law to make sure the employees within the working environment in Hampshire are not exposed to excessive levels of noise.

Impact acoustics are experienced in undertaking noise at work assessments and noise at work surveys in Hampshire.

From massive processing plants to smaller wood work factories in Hampshire; Impact acoustics have the knowledge and experience to undertake noise at work assessments in accordance with the control of noise at work regulations 2005.

Impact acoustics undertake measurements in factories and workspaces throughout hampshire to make sure that the noise levels the employees are exposed too are under the defined limits. Further to this Impact acoustics will make sure that the hearing portection used on the factory floor in Hampshire is suitable for the workers.

Impact Acoustics offer the following services in Hampshire:

- Full noise at work assessments in Hampshire

- Emplyees noise exposure assessements in Hampshire

- Workplace noise survey in Hampshire

- Factory noise assessment in Hampshire

- Noise risk assessment in Hampshire

Whether your project is based in Southampton, Portsmouth, Basingstoke, Winchester, Aldershot or any other location within Hampshire; we are happy to help.


To find out more or recieve a quotation please contact Impact Acoustics.


Impact Acoustics can provide a full suite of assessment and design services throughout Hampshire, Winchester, Portsmouth, Basingstoke and any location in Hampshire to ensure compliance with the Control of Noise at Work Regulations:

Onsite noise assessments and noise at work surveys carried out to determine the daily exposure of noise to employees in Hampshire


Advice on the design and layout of the workplace  in Hampshire

Reccomendation on the most appropriate noise control methods  in Hampshire



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