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Planning Support for Noise | Dorset

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When going through a planning application in Dorset, it is common that any noise and sound related issue is required to be discharged as a condition. Impact acoustics are experienced in liasing with the relevent local authority in Dorset to make sure that the correct noise assessment or noise survey is undertaken in order to make sure that the conditions are discharged.


The Acoustic Surveys undertaken by Impact Acoustics are detailed and meet all the correct bristish standards and assessment criteria as requested by the local authority in Dorset.


Common noise related planning conditons in Dorset that Impact Acoustics are required to undertake noise impact assessments and sound measurement in Dorset are:


Acoustic Surveys to satisfy Noise from road traffic noise effecting a development in Dorset

Acoustic assessments to satisfy Noise from a nightclub, bar, pub or licenced premises in Dorset

Noise Survey to satisfy recreational noise i.e skatepark noise, entertainment noise in Dorset

Noise Assessments to satisfy Noise from railway noise affecing a development in Dorset

Noise Impact Assessments to satisfy noise from industrial noise i.e. extractor noise or conditioning noise in Dorset

Impact acoustics are knowledgable and experienced in dealing with the above and others in a proffessional and affordable manner. All acoustic reports undertaken in Dorset are turned around quickly and meet the clients budget.


Within Dorset, there is no job too big or too small and impact acoustics can help architects, developers, construction companies or private individuals discharge all acoustic, sound and noise related issue to do with their planning application.


With extensive experience of noise assessments / noise surveys at the development planning stage, the services that we offer include:


Full Acoustic Assessment of the site layout, Impact acoustics will provide  detailed Liason with Local Authority in order to establish the noise criteria for the noise assessment in Dorset

Full detailed baseline noise measurements taken on site in order to fully establish the noise exposure and impact and  recommendation of mitigation measures in order to discharge any noise related conditions

Detailed calculation of the internal noise levels  in order to correctly specify appropriate glazing and ventilation for the project in Dorset

How much does a noise impact assessment for planning in Dorset cost?  


Whether your project is based in christchurch, dorchester, shaftesbury, boscombe, bournemouth, poole, weymouth, bridport or any other location within Dorset; we are happy to help.

To find out more or recieve a low cost quotation please contact Impact Acoustics.





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