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Environmental Noise Assessment | Dorset

Noise Survey | Noise Test | Noise Impact Assessment | Acoustic Survey

Environmental noise reports and noise impact assessments undertaken by impact acoustics in Dorset are in accordacne with the specified local aurthority criteria.


Impact acoutics are highly experienced and qulaified to deal with assessing noise from road traffic, railways and other environmental noise sources throughout Dorset.


Impact acoustics can work with you from start to finsih to make sure that any planning condition set within your application to do with noise from road or rail in Dorset is discharged with a noise impact assessment in Dorset or a acoustic survey in Dorset.


Impact acoustics can completed detailed noise surveys and acoustic assessments in Dorset for the following environmental noise sources:


Noise impact assessment from extraction systems in Dorset

Acoustic Survey from plant in Dorset

Noise Impact Assessment from road traffic Noise in Dorset 

Noise Assessment from trains in Dorset

Noise Survey from cars and vehicles in Dorset 

Noise assessment from railways in Dorset

Acoustic Assessment from conditioning units in Dorset


What is the cost of an environmental noise survey in Dorset?

Whether your project is based in bournemouth, poole, christchurch, dorchester, shaftesbury, boscombe, weymouth, bridport or any other location within Dorset; we are happy to help.


To find out more about the environmental noise surveys and acoustic reports undertaken by impact acoustics in Dorset or recieve a low cost quotation please contact Impact Acoustics today.

Impact Acoustics provide the following services relating to environmental noise:


Detailed Liason with Local Authority in order to establish the noise criteria for the assessment in Dorset

Recommendation of any mitigation measures including noise barrier design and source location in Dorset


Preparation of technical evidence and reporting for input into an  Environmental Statement in Dorset

Baseline noise measurements to establish and understand  existing noise noise levels and to  establish existing noise climate in areas potentially affected by the scheme in Dorset


Identification of the main noise and vibration sources during both construction and post construction in Dorset

Assessment in accordance with CRTN and CRN for road and rail traffic noise levels in Dorset

Assessment in accordance with BS 6472 and BS 7385; for vibration impact in Dorset


Areas Covered: Bournemouth, Poole, Christchurch, Dorchester, Shaftesbury, Weymouth or any other location within Dorset.



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