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Construction Noise and Vibration Assessment | Impact Acoustics

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If you are planning to start a construction project you may have been asked to provide an assessment of the noise and vibration likely to result from the construction processes or to monitor noise and vibration during construction. Noise and Vibration impacts during construction activities can be significant both in terms of the magnitude and duration of the activity. Specific concerns may also be raised if construction
activity is required outside of normal working hours.


Impact Acoustics have experience in all areas of construction noise and vibration assessment for both small and large scale developments and can provide modelling and prediction of construction noise based on types of plant and operations proposed. If predicted or monitored noise levels are above the prescribed construction noise criteria set; Impact Acoustics can provide recommendations for noise control measures.

Impact Acoustics can provide assistance with obtaining prior consent under Section 61 of the Control of Pollution Act or we can provide recommendations for appropriate mitigation measures following complaints or receipt of a local authority notice served under Section 60.

Impact Acoustics are familiar with assessments under BS5228 ‘Code of practice for noise and vibration control on construction and open sites’ and we can provide assessment and design work.  BS5228 noise assessments are required to undertake background noise measurements similar to BS4142; all proposed equipment for the construction site will be assessed in terms of predicted noise levels at the nearest noise sensitive dwellings/buildings.

For all types of demolition and construction projects Impact Acoustics can provide the assessment and monitoring services required. 

How much does construction noise monitoring cost?


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With experience of both small industrial and commercial premises, to large power station developments, both in the UK and overseas, Impact Acoustics  are able to provide the  following services:


Liaison with construction engineers to minimise noise
impacts through programming

Compliance and consent condition monitoring

Liaison with local authorities

Pre-construction noise monitoring

Noise and Vibration Impact Assessment in accordance with BS 5228

Preparation of Section 61 (of the Control of Pollution Act) consent applications.

Advice on construction noise and vibration mitigation using Best Practicable Means