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    Sound insulation testing for building control to meet part E regulations at competitive rates……

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    In accordance with HSE guidelines. Company noise risk assessments or Noise at Work Assessments should be renewed ev……

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Environmental Noise | Industrial Noise| Noise Impact Assessment | Noise Control

Impact Acoustics have the experience and expertese to undertake a vast range of noise surveys and noise assessements. From assessing the impact of road traffic or railway noise, to assessing building services noise for planning; we have the means to undertake full noise impact assessments, noise surveys and noise monitoring.


Services include:


  • Detailed baseline noise measurments for both day and night
  • Noise from solar farms and solar sites
  • Low price Acoustic Survey throughout the UK
  • Full and detailed Noise Impact Assessment
  • Detailed analysis of assessment methodology and criteria
  • Renewable Energy noise impact assessment
  • Long term noise monitoring for construction
  • Baseline noise monitoring and acoustic survey 
  • Employee noise risk assessment
  • Low cost Noise Survey for all applicationsime and night time background noise
  • Noise at work assessments for employees noise exposure at factory workplace etc
  • Advanced prediction of noise impact using noise modelling sofware
  • Noise Monitoring for all noise types including construction

The results of the assessment will be presented in a full detailed technical report, which will satisfy the requirements of the Local Planning Authority.

How much does a noise survey or noise impact assessment cost?


To find out more or recieve a quotation please contact Impact Acoustics

Service Also known as:

Noise Impact Assessment

Acoustic Survey

Low cost Acoustic Survey

Low cost Noise Assessment

Noise Survey

Low cost Sound Test

Acoustic Assessment

Noise Test

Noise risk assessment

Low cost Noise Assessment

Noise Monitoring

Low cost Noise Survey