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Festival Noise Monitoring | Event Noise| Concert Noise

Noise Impact Assessment | Acoustic Survey| Noise Control

Impact Acoustics have the experience and expertese to undertake acoustic event surveys and event noise impact assessements for festival and event noise monitoring. From assessing the impact of entertainment noise pre show, to monitoring through the event; we have the means to undertake full noise impact assessments, noise surveys and festival noise monitoring.


It is important that whilst working closely with the client that a smooth and trouble free service is offered that will allow the event to run without complaint due to noise


Services include:


Baseline measurements prior to festival and event to assess the level of impact

Advanced modelling software used to assess festival noise impact


Noise Monitoring during the event


Noise Monitioring and noise surveys during the festival


All event noise and festival noise impact assessments undertaken to relevent methodology and criteria


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Service Also known as:


Festival Noise Survey

Festival Acoustic Survey

Event Acoustic Assessment

Event and Festival Sound Test

Festival Noise Assessment

Festival Noise Monitoring

Event Noise Assessment

Event Acoustic Survey