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Acoustics for Schools | Dorset

BB93 Acoustic Survey | Noise Survey for Schools | Acoustic Treatment for schools in Dorset

Impact acoustic provide full noise surveys and acoustic reports in strict accordance with BB93 guidance document Building Bulletin 93 (Part E4 of Building Regulations 2000, 2003 Edition BB93). This allows schools in Dorset to be designed and kept sustainable to allow for a good teaching and learning environment down to noise and internal acoustics in Dorset.

Impact acoustics provide detailed noise assessments and acoustic surveys for schools and proposed schools throughout Dorset by:

Taking background baseline noise measurments \ sound measurements to understand what are the current background noise levels impacting on the school in Dorset

Provide a comprehensive acoustic report for schools in Dorset detailing reccomendations for the schools noise and acoustics

Undertake sound testing and noise tests for schools in Dorset to make sure all the predictions contained within the acoustic report have been undertaken correctly.


In additon to the BB93 noise surveys undertaken by impact acoustics, we also offer a complete design supply and installation service of acoustic treatement for rooms within the schools in Dorset:


Design supply and installation of noise control in loud and reverberent teaching spaces in Dorset


Design supply and installation of acoustic treatment for music and audio teaching areas in Dorset


Design supply and installation of acoustic treatment for performing arts and music in schools in Dorset.


Whether your project is based in  shaftesbury, bournemouth, poole, christchurch, dorchester, boscombe, weymouth, bridport or any other location within Dorset; we are happy to help.


To find out more about acoustic design for schools in Dorset or to recieve  recieve a value for money quotation please contact Impact Acoustics today.


Areas Covered: Poole, Bournemouth, Christchurch, Dorchester, Shaftesbury, Boscombe, Weymouth, Bridport and all others throughout Dorset



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